Lafayette Wire Products
Industrial Carts, Containers, Shelving and  Powder Coating

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Lafayette Wire Products

Your leader in the design and manufacturing of wire material handling products.

Standard Wire Products and Custom Designs

Wire shelving and carts fill a wide range of material handling applications. Those requiring: Durability…. Product Visibility…. Ease of Storage and Cleaning…. Security …. and Lower Lifetime Product Costs.

Lafayette Wire Products has a complete line up of wire shelving, rolling carts, containers and storage units that can address your material handling needs and improve your operation's overall efficiency.  Whether a standard product or custom design, we can meet your requirements.


Wire Shelving Products
      * Shelving for Commercial Refrigeration
      * Fan Guards and other Safety Guards
      * Material Handling Containers
      * Rolling Carts
      * Point of Purchase Displays
      * Wire Forms of all Shapes and Sizes

 Standard Wire Containers and Carts
      *  Wire Containers
      *  Security Carts
      *  Stackable/Collapsible Wire Baskets
      *  Wire Carts

 Custom Engineered Products
       *  Industrial Carts

       *  Containers
       *  Shelving

Industrial Coatings/Finishes
  Powder Coating
Zinc, Nickel, Chrome

Contact Us Anytime
For additional information or to answer any questions please Contact Us via email or by calling us at 765-474-7896.

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