Lafayette Wire Products
Industrial Carts, Containers, Shelving and  Powder Coating

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Production Capabilities

We Control Our Product From Tooling to Shipment

Lafayette Wire Products is a leader in the fabrication of steel wire shelving, wire carts and containers for commercial refrigeration and a wide range of industrial applications. With our broad capabilities we control our product from Tooling to Shipment. We incorporate Lean Manufacturing principles and maintain a low overhead facility.

Manufacturing Facilities
  • Over 100,000 square feet of production and warehousing capacity 
  • Accommodate small and large volume requests with quick turnaround 
  • A variety of finishes including Zinc, Nickel Chrome, Powder Coat and others
  • One Manufacturer Offers Standard and Custom Solutions
  • Over 30 Years of Manufacturing, Design and Development Experience

Manufacturing Capabilities

Raw Material Procurement

Raw material stock procured from strategic vendor
Delivered to our site to meet production requirements

Straighten and Cut
Develop the frame, support and mat wire for shelving
Two machines capable from 5 gauge up to one half inch wire
Eight machines capable of 16 gauge (.063) to 6 gauge (.192)

Butt Weld and T-Weld
Secure the frame and support wire of the shelf
Six manufacturing cells capable of 600 shelves each per shift

Trim edges of shelf for better coating and safety
Two cells capable of 2000 shelves each per shift

Various steps including braces, brackets and supports

Approximately 24 cells capable of 800 shelves each

Zinc, Nickel Chrome, Powder Coat and others
Capable powder coating 2,100 shelves per line/per shift

Packaging and Shipping
Multiple lines and cells to kit and pack
Daily loading and shipments

Contact Us Anytime
For additional information or to answer any questions please Contact Us via email or by calling us at 765-474-7896.

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